March 2013

Binario Undici

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11 March 2013


The first time that an engaged couple asked me to be the photographer for their wedding, I suggested doing an engagement photo session, partly because I...

10 March 2013

Snow time

My name is Uta and I’m a two year old Cavalier Spaniel. My family recently discovered the joys of strapping on snow shoes and going for...

07 March 2013

Outdoor Photography / Tips and Tricks

Outdoor photography is a lot of fun – especially when I've found a great and unusual location for it.

06 March 2013

Understanding Exposure by Jacob James

‘…having a basic understanding of exposure is essential if you wish to ditch the full auto mode on your camera and give yourself some extra creative...

05 March 2013


There are many ways of getting to America from Italy: you can take a big slow cruise ship, a shiny but bumpy plane, or you can...

04 March 2013

Brooklyn Through MY Lens

Serena Norr shares her pictures of Brooklyn, New York.

02 March 2013

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