April 2013

A Thursday Night Dinner

Just another night dining in NYC!

29 April 2013

When to use a monopod? – A private camp in Sabi Sabi, South Africa

In 2005, Zhang Qian Li won an award from the U.S. magazine National Geographic, for a piece of his travel photography work. He has always placed...

26 April 2013

Playing around with apps – Using apps to transform your photos into works of art

You can download photo apps to your iPhone either for free or for a small charge

25 April 2013

“Web video killed the TV star”

On the web, the boundaries between hobby filmers and professional video producers are becoming increasingly blurred.

24 April 2013

We, The Funky Mamas – a retrospective of two women

Chiara and Justine, we We’ve decided to be the The Funky Mums Mamas because that's exactly what we are: we're we're funky and we know that's...

22 April 2013

The Need for a Pivot Point – Istanbul, Turkey

The author of Travel Photography Bible, Zhang Qian Li’s experience of taking photographs in Istanbul, Turkey.

19 April 2013

Get a taste for heights

Be on the look-out for the highs and lows if you want your photographs to make a real impression.

18 April 2013

Using Flash and LED to improve your photography

Ditching the on-board flash and switching to an external light source such as a speedlight or LED light will dramatically increase the quality of your images.

17 April 2013

The importance of DIY

Whether you do it alone or in company – giving your creativity free reign is good for your heart and mind.

15 April 2013

We Live For Pasta

We Live For Pasta. For us, the humble noodle is work of art

13 April 2013

Shooting Starry Skies – Hallstatt, Austria

The author of Travel Photography Bible, Zhang Qian Li’s experience of shooting starry skies at Hallstatt, Austria.

12 April 2013

Web video – getting started and first steps

In the second part of my four-part series “Web video killed the TV star”, I'd like to show you what you need to get started with...

12 April 2013

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