April 2013

Follow the light: Keeping an eye on a key element of photography.

Light is an important aspect in iPhone photography. Make a point of developing an awareness of light wherever you go. Particularly during your daily commute…

11 April 2013

Fantastic looking images with your iPhone and KLYP

“The best camera is the one that’s with you…”

09 April 2013

The afternoon means playtime: in the park.

Spring and the reawakening of the local park, outdoor play, and socialising among mums.

08 April 2013

Lost In Chinatown

A maze of streets, endless shops and new experiences.

05 April 2013

Creating the ‘wow’ factor: Make the most of your iPhone’s mobility to snap up some great photo opportunities

If you want to take good photos with your iPhone, think of your smart phone as a camera. Switch your mind and eyes to “photo mode”…...

04 April 2013

Useful studio items

When thinking of a photo studio, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a well-equipped flash unit with different lightshapers and various backgrounds on...

03 April 2013

Natural Light: What is the best time of the day to shoot?

“The ‘golden hour’ is the holy of grail of lighting for most photographers…”

02 April 2013

Sharing Your Life with a Dog

Spending my weekends with Uta, the time just flies by.

02 April 2013


The warmth of spring entices us to dream of short or long escapes, sunny moments on green meadows, and luxuries. A eulogy to taking it easy.

01 April 2013

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