Drink Yourself Fit!


Drink Yourself Fit!

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Fortunately, it is nearly summer again, and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long now until we can take our bikinis and swimming trunks out of mothballs to enjoy the sun to the fullest. However, this can reveal one or two problems, or rather problem zones, because most of us would have indulged ourselves rather too much and put on some winter fat. Naturally, it has to go! After all, especially women want to show off a nice figure in their new sexy beachwear and attract men’s admiring glances at the beach. To do so, however, one needs to exercise and follow a diet which is, at least halfway, healthy. I’ve also reached that conclusion and am gritting my teeth and trying to act on my good intentions in time before the start of the summer.

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However, seeing as I am really no fan of weight-loss diets or excessive physical activity (to be honest, I nearly collapse carrying my shopping up the steps), this is all quite difficult for me.

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For this reason, I am going to start small. Namely with a yummy and hopefully somewhat healthy fitness shake, which I mix myself. And I’ll share with you, how to make it..

You need the following: low-fat quark, low-fat milk, yogurt, raspberries, and, if you like, you could add some protein shake powder (this is beneficial for your muscles and connective tissue). For example, the one I use has a delicious vanilla flavor. Yummy!

It is very easy to prepare: Simply mix everything together until the consistency is semi-liquid.

I mash the raspberries with a spoon, but you could also use a stick blender.

Et voila, our raspberry shake is ready! If you are not too hungry, the shake could replace a complete meal, however, I prefer to drink it after exercising. Either way, it is definitely healthier than a glass of coke.

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And believe me, it also tastes much, much better …

Daisy Ricks

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