The Warm Taste of Shanghai Coffee


The Warm Taste of Shanghai Coffee


Many story magazines send cover photographers to spontaneously travel to photograph people, and accurately record and describe events


In 2004, she started independently taking travel photographs from Xinjiang and Tibet. Since 2006, she migrated to Japan and Europe where she has taken a large amount of travel photographs and written travel writings. In 2008, she began printing original Europe travel postcards all around the world and mailing them to online friends. Because of this, she was called “Collector of Exchanged Glances.” Since many of her works portray people from around the world, she was also called “Collector of Expressions around the World.” Her pictures, with the appearance of a story from a movie, expose people’s true inner selves. The coloring reveals a distant and mysterious atmosphere. Each picture seems as if it is telling the story of a distinguished person destined to walk.



Similar to Tokyo, Paris, Milan, New York, and the other most fashionable cities of the world; Shanghai also has many cute and unique coffee shops. Perhaps it is because these shops possess a comforting ambiance or a nostalgic feeling of the past that people are drawn to the calming and warm flavor of coffee. There is always a reason for admiration. Even my friends who do not know anything about drinking coffee often linger in these places.


When my friends and I meet, we rarely go to karaoke, the spa or other places. We look for a nice coffee shop, and sit down to relax and enjoy the happy time together. During these times, our favorite thing to do is to take out our cameras and take pictures, sharing the joy of making memories. Sometimes it is more than coffee itself, but the shop’s lighting and atmosphere that almost becomes the most important thing to us.


The detailed decorations of many coffee shops are extremely interesting. Even old furnishings, out of print items, natural health, and other things will be combined together. It is not only a place for drinking coffee, but also a place with many other treasures, which create a memorable experience.


Going through all kinds of shops is like seeing the shop owners’ disposition and the cultural information they want to pass along. Those reoccurring short moments and even every small, old memory that is fading away – they embellish our everyday lives with sweetness and serenity, and are hard to erase.



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