Glittering SKY


Glittering SKY

The theme last time was starry skies that could be seen even in the middle of the city.

It is always a joy when you are be able to see stars despite the glare of street lights in the city.

You get a kind of special feeling, however, when the stars can be seen in plain nature. Though it’s a bit cold, the winter sky is completely clear, creating a breath-taking moment.

Managing to take a photo of such a starry sky, is an added bonus. Why not give it a try?

You may be thinking:

“.. but how on earth do I take such a photo?”

Often people who ask this are wondering how to take such photos even though it is so dark outside.

If you use a solid tripod to adjust the shutter speed, you can easily capture the entire star filled sky.

If there is no street illumination where you are, if you set the shutter release to 30 seconds, the effect is a beautifully streaked sky.

If you increase the ISO on a wide lens just a little, decrease the f-stop and set the shutter release to 30 seconds , the result will be a dotted sky.

Try taking such a photo as if you just happened to be passing by.

This is exactly the time of year the ISON comet becomes visible. In the middle of December, the Gemini constellation also becomes visible. Let’s enjoy the final sky lighting show of the year.

※ Be sure to watch your footing in the dark!



Since I was young, I enjoyed looking at scenery, so I would take out father’s camera and shoot photos even though he would scold me each time.
Lately I’m really into taking photos of the SKY
With photos I feel like I can express something.

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