November 2013

Wastelands in Berlin

In 2007 I left Vienna and arrived at my new hometown, Berlin. A lot of things were different: it was greener, broader, more expansive, more street...

06 November 2013

Try, try again.

Half the magic that happens behind the camera and before or after the shot is simply the learning experience getting to the final capture. The hardest...

05 November 2013


We are pleased to announce the winner of our #MIMHALLOWEEN contest! The winner is one of our Instagram followers: Victoria Barton! Here, the winning picture:   Congratulations to Victoria who...

04 November 2013

Food Shopping 111, or Contemporary Food Shopping

It all started out with ‘KM 0‘. Then this led to vegetable gardens on central city balconies. For those of you who cannot grow vegetables on...

04 November 2013

Journey to Mali

I was lucky enough to be among what are probably Mali’s last tourists for some time to come. That was in January, 2012: expatriates were all...

01 November 2013

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