December 2013

Nini Bilù, suspended in time

Nini is an ageless character, who lives in a world suspended in time. At times, she is a girl, and at other times, she is already...

09 December 2013

We have the 4 #PIXI winners!!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our #PIXICOLOR contest! The first winner, receiving a RED PIXI is… Lorenzo Tubertini The second winner, receiving a BLACK PIXI...

06 December 2013


Historically the Lake Tahoe (California, USA) region is blessed with 400 inches (1066 cms) of snowfall every winter, which is plenty of fresh to cure those...

06 December 2013

Expat life: little expats

With this piece, I have arrived at my final post for Expat Life and, to conclude this little series of stories of life abroad, I felt...

05 December 2013

This was the beginning.

The reason I continue to use instagram. It’s not only because it’s fun or because it’s easy–a bigger reason perhaps is the ease with which you...

05 December 2013

Something different for a change?

I have always enjoyed trying out new things and after three years of photography it was time for some new inspiration in this area. One cold...

04 December 2013

Roots: portaits

This project started off by complete intrigue to people and their lives. I had always loved being holiday and to just watch the world go by...

03 December 2013

Snapshots of a microworld

Where did it all begin? It all leads back to one afternoon when my father put me in front of an easel in our front yard,...

02 December 2013

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