January 2014

The idea

And patience. Something that I’ve never really had but that, having tackled the initial difficulties, turns out to play a large part in photography. This is...

13 January 2014

Shibata Agricultural High School Photography Club Photography Relay 2: ” High School Girl Investigators!”

Title:  High School Girl Investigators! Photographer: Mayu Suzuki The theme of this photography shoot was high school girls searching out new discoveries in their school. The...

09 January 2014


Before getting into mobile photos, I sometimes used a Nikon D90 DSLR camera to shoot my kids. Always with the little dial in “Green”. Which is...

09 January 2014


We are pleased to announce the winners of our #PocketColor contest! Here the winners of our contest: Randi Goldmann Marino Perissinotto  Eric Reardon Victoria Barton Valentina...

08 January 2014

How to Take Stunning Sunset Photos With Your Smartphone

Few times during the day are more beautiful than sunsets. With amazing golden colors, long shadows and strong directional light sunsets are among the best times...

07 January 2014

The Decision.

Curiosity. Perception. Being influenced by our environment. Maybe it’s these things that lead many of us to pick up a camera. From that moment onwards, very...

06 January 2014

Shibata Agricultural High School Photo Club   Photography relay 1: “Floral funeral”

Title:Floral funeral Photographer:Chinatsu Seki The series of photos I am posting here are photos I have been wanting to take for some time now for a...

02 January 2014

A Story in Bloom

A great deal has already been said and written about, and a lot of photographs taken of, flowers. Without a doubt, they make exceptional models. They...

02 January 2014

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