September 2014

What is Travel Photography?

Part 1 – Research and Planning One of the most important aspects of travel photography is to do a decent amount of research before a trip....

05 September 2014

Me, Myself and Joey – Why we joined Instagram.

I’ll tell you a little about Joey and Joey’s Instagram and then I’ll get onto why I actually started an Instagram for Joey. Joey is 8 months old...

02 September 2014

Manfrotto Vivace 20 Holster Blue Stile Camera Bag

If you are in photo-industry, then you are familiar with Manfrotto – one of the most popular and known brand in photo industry. Manfrotto is known...

02 September 2014

Tips for running an Instagram account professionally

In recent years Instagram has become a leading platform for businesses to promote themselves, ranking perhaps third only to Facebook and Twitter in popularity. Using its...

01 September 2014

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