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1. Tell us a bit about your professional journey. How did you first get into photography? I’ve been taking photos in one way or another for...

25 May 2017

Hands-on review: Street Camera Backpack & XPRO Ball Head

I am one for nature. Take me to any place in the world where I can stand at one with mother earth, and I happy. Take...

24 May 2017

Poetry of Silence

There are certain things that can not be expressed and understood in words, but only with our heart. Things that we must entrust to silence, to...

10 February 2017

Bag Review: Manfrotto Windsor Backpack

There seems to be this notion that camera bags are dull and boring. Traditionally, when camera bags were made out of synthetic materials and came just...

21 December 2016

A journey into the world of Manfrotto at Photoplus Expo 2016

Manfrotto took Manhattan! In October, the PhotoPlus 2016 Expo took place in New York City. PhotoPlus Expo is the biggest photography trade show in the U.S....

25 October 2016

A small bag with big attitude

This is my third National Geographic Bag review, my first for the African Collection. An being a South African, I just knew, this review will be...

24 October 2016

Manfrotto Windsor Reporter

It has been an exciting few weeks since I received my Manfrotto Windsor Reporter camera bag to review. My photography work has taken me on some...

20 October 2016

Dean Blotto Gray testing of the TwistGrip

During my photography excursions, adventures and assignments, I’m finding that a smartphone is an increasingly important tool in my kit for capturing still images, video and...

19 October 2016

Exploring Parisian streets with the Manfrotto Windsor Reporter bag

I had the opportunity to test in preview the Manfrotto Windsor Reporter bag in Paris, the city where I live and shoot most of my pictures. The...

11 October 2016

Using the TwistGrip from Manfrotto to take better smartphone photos

As a longtime fan of Manfrotto products I was pleased to be able to get my hands on their TwistGrip solution – a universal clamp for...

04 October 2016

Shooting Ocean Art with Manfrotto BeFree Live

Photographers, we’re always on the move. Chasing light and aligning elements, each new day represents another opportune moment to create! I generally have a tendency to...

03 October 2016

Day 4: some contents published at Photokina about us!

Day 4: some contents about Manfrotto published from influencers at Photokina!

23 September 2016

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