U.S.A. – Yosemite National Park

The Japanese Amano Kazuaki, winner of a Piolet d’Or in 2009, appeared as a guest blogger in May, discussing mountains and climbing and sharing some amazing...

18 May 2013

Chocolate: Food of the Gods

“Can you tell what you are tasting?” asked Dave Elliott as he handed out samples of chocolate to our eager little group...

17 May 2013

The European Alps – the birthplace of Alpinism

The Tibetan sky is a vast, blue canvas; The land is arid and features little vegetation but exudes beauty through the intensity of the environment.

14 May 2013

Amazing Myanmar; Temples of Bagan

Stephen Studd, a very passionate photographer hanging out of helicopters photographing over Angkor Wat & the Maldives, this month will be guest blogger of Manfrotto Imagine...

14 May 2013

It’s a Hawaii Dog’s Life – Dog Portraits in Hawaii

I don’t know what you have heard, but the real beach boys (and girls) are not a band from California, but the canines of Hawai’i!

10 May 2013

Amazing Myanmar

Stephen Studd, in this month will talk about his travels. This week, Yangon, into the heart of the city

08 May 2013

Waters of Life – Photography of Hawaii –

I always seem to find a form of magic whenever I am photographing a mother-to-be. I have also been lucky that the ones I have photographed...

03 May 2013

Adventures in Tibet – Mountaineering

The Tibetan sky is a vast, blue canvas. Though the land is arid and lacks vegetation, the blue of the sky is so impressive it defies...

03 May 2013

A Thursday Night Dinner

Just another night dining in NYC!

29 April 2013

The Need for a Pivot Point – Istanbul, Turkey

The author of Travel Photography Bible, Zhang Qian Li’s experience of taking photographs in Istanbul, Turkey.

19 April 2013

Get a taste for heights

Be on the look-out for the highs and lows if you want your photographs to make a real impression.

18 April 2013

The importance of DIY

Whether you do it alone or in company – giving your creativity free reign is good for your heart and mind.

15 April 2013