DIY – Diapers bag – looking good, made easy

As you know, women love bags. They can never have enough of them. They usually don’t even dare to count them anymore. With a pregnancy the...

11 October 2013

A bit of glitter for every mom in town

Hauptstadtmuttis are elegant. Hauptstadtmuttis are freaky. Hauptstadtmuttis are sexy, stylish, interesting, cool, different and flaunt-worthy. This is exactly what we want to do with our blog...

03 October 2013

Crystal Clear

How to photograph crystal glassware

15 March 2013

Binario Undici

Boutique galleries

11 March 2013

Trick or Treat – the Top 5 Halloween Costumes

We take a look at the ultimate Halloween outfits

31 October 2012

Have you seen this? Beauty bloggers

This week we’re loving all things beauty

07 September 2012

Have you seen this? Wedding blogs

This week we’re lusting over gorgeous wedding photography and inspiration

24 August 2012

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