A day in the life of… Sascha Basmer


A day in the life of… Sascha Basmer

We’re asking bloggers to send us a day in their life through images and pictures to make a collation of beautiful shots that encapsulate their daily life


Sascha Basmer, is the author of the popular German photography blog Bassascha and is a passionate photographer, retoucher & digital artist who loves to “discover the world in all its facets through the viewfinder”.


#1 – 06.30 AM – Just after getting up… Even though I’m only behind the camera, I don’t want to shock the clients!


#2 – 10.30 AM – Unhurried breakfast at CafÈ Country for a meeting. Great!


#3 – 03.30 PM – Exploring the forest with my intern to check out a location for a shooting next week.


#4 – 04:15 OM – While we’re at it we find an interesting spot and get the camera out to take some shots.


#5 – 05.30 PM – The typical office work needs to be done as well…answering emails, running trough my Facebook and saving the pictures from the shoot.


#6 – 06.15 PM – The last of the sunshine after a warm summer day is best enjoyed with a book in the backyard.


#7 – 07.55PM – What to eat tonight? Burger from the restaurant “Zum goldenen M” will do. On my way there I book a hotel room for my weekend in Oftersheim.


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