Have you seen this? Fitness Bloggers


Have you seen this? Fitness Bloggers

When we first forayed into the world of fitness bloggers we now realise we were very naïve in our assumptions of what a fitness blogger wrote about and was like – we expected stereotypical muscle men. We could not have been more wrong about the huge depth and range of fitness and health bloggers out there, all with very different styles and approaches. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for some motivation to start getting in shape or you are seasoned fitness lover. These fitness blogs are all varied in their training disciplines, eating regimes and attitudes towards heath and fitness and are our favourites from across the globe to get you motivated.



Dancing Together is a blog hosted by Xiao Xiao, a passionate dance tutor and the founder of Dancing Together – a dance school in Chongqing, China. She believes that dancing is the key to her life-long enjoyment and a great way to get and stay fit. Her blog features a large collection of dancing videos of all different styles; street dancing, pole dancing, modern dance, belly dancing, Latin, Jazz (you name it), are all performed by herself, her follow tutors and her students.


“La Vera Bellezza”, the True Beauty, is a soul fitness blog covering yantra, mantra and theta healing: which are all about how to cure the soul with physical exercise. The author is Maria Palmisano, an esthetician who believes that is necessary to connect the outer with the inner beauty. Maria is also passionate about yoga, meditation and her own personal journey of inner growth through a variety of techniques.


Gerd Dietrich-Rosenbrock runs the blog Dirosports, where he writes largely about running in nature. His fitness focus is on ultra-marathons, cross-country and trail runs, which he loves not only for the health aspects but also for the feeling of silence, which he says, is hard to find anywhere else. In his own words: “I simply enjoy long and quiet runs in nature.”

On his blog Lauf Hannes, Hannes Christiansen writes about his running competitions, philosophizes about various training methods, reviews running shoes/products and shares his everyday thoughts. “To push your body to the limit but relax and empty your mind at the same time – that’s what running means to me. For the last five years I’ve been addicted to this torment, while still focusing on the most important thing: the fun. To let others share my experience, I blog about running, my training and the competitions.”

“Running together is better” – The Running Twins are the sportive twins Henrik and Marek. On their blog they report on their results as competitive runners, share statistics, images and tips for other runners, and also publish new equipment tests as well as many stories about everything that makes up the joy of running distances between 5 km up to a marathon.


Blog Yoga.Eat.Run‘s mantra is ‘sweat like a pig, work like a horse, look like a fox’ and this is something that author Jenaé Frick takes very seriously. “I’m a passionate yoga instructor, and NASM certified personal trainer. I’m crazy about working out and eating healthy. I want my blog to inspire you to workout and live a fit and healthy lifestyle.” The blog features tips for healthy eating, working out, motivation, fitness fashion (it can be a hard thing to nail!), and pretty much all you could want to know about Jenaé.

Again Faster blog provides training information and media resources to further the CrossFit revolution (their store website sells the equipment and they also produce a great magazine). “We believe that elite fitness requires extreme effort. We push ourselves to the limits of our capacity, and we hope our readers will do the same. Through our example, we want to show them that fitness is not a chore – it is a source of joy, and it takes many forms. We believe the expressions of fitness are unlimited. Our realm is every sport that requires speed, strength, power, and skill.” Run by CrossFit athletes, Again Faster helps you achieve your goals by inspiring you and providing you with the tools such as training videos and interviews with eminent athletes, whether you are a complete beginner or a serious competitor. Rousing images too!


Fit Mom In Training is a blog about Stephanie’s personal journey “from skinny fat to skinny fit and all the adventures, mishaps, and lessons learned along the way”. She explains: “I started writing in 2010 as a means of coping with the crippling effects of postpartum depression and my struggles to regain my sense of self after having my first child. What started as a place to express my inner demons quickly evolved into an epic journey of health, fitness and happiness. I have created Fit Mom…in Training to be a safe and informative environment where those looking to incorporate health and fitness into their lives can come for support and encouragement. Just as I rely on my fitness communities to help support me, I wish to do the same for others. I want to set an example that we can do anything we set our minds to and that nothing is impossible.” Wise words from an inspirational and powerful role model for those wanting to regain a healthy lifestyle.


Spikes and Heels is ‘the fitness site for badass women’. “Tired of the way fitness is always pitched to women, Spikes and Heels founder Bangs and a Bun decided to do something new. It’s time for a fitness revolution. It’s time for women who train for the love of it. Time to focus on being focused, determined, driven, goal oriented badasses who will race you to the bus stop and get in a lunchtime press up competition with you. And we will win. It’s time to celebrate your sweat. It’s time to push yourself, to run so hard you leave your lungs on the track, throw your heels on after a session and walk home like a don.” We love the no nonsense attitude of the blog and its approach to women’s fitness and style; strangely, ‘Heels of the Day’ pairs so well with advice for intense and effective exercise routines (squats are good!).

Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish is written by Laura Agar Wilson. She explains “What started as more of a food diary has grown to become a blog about all of my passions: healthy delicious vegetarian food, fitness, fashion, beauty and style. I’m on a journey to learn more about myself and my body, I always try and stay true to myself and sometimes I make mistakes, but that’s what life is all about!” We really enjoy this very image rich blog (you really get a feeling for Laura’s life and passion for health through these) and browsing the gorgeous and very healthy recipes.

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