Painting the town red


Painting the town red

Hi there, I’m Uta the Cavalier Spaniel. Last night, the sun was going to bed, but we were heading out. Naturally, I made sure to look my best. Any idea where we went?


Uta the Cavalier is setting new trends once again.




This is not a joke! It’s time to go. And yes, she is going out like that!




By the time we leave, the sun is about to go down.

The street lights are even starting to come on.  But where could we be going at this hour?

Uta is still in the dark…




Night has fallen.

But it’s all right. We’re nearly there.




And our destination is: a restaurant.

The main aim of Uta’s fashion statement for tonight is to stop her from shedding hair everywhere. It’s important to show some consideration for the staff and other customers if they are kind enough to allow us to bring dogs.  But that’s not all. Uta also needs to sit quietly while we’re eating, rather than barking or fidgeting.

There are still very few shops that allow dogs—let alone bars or restaurants. I hope that an increase in responsible dog owners will encourage more places to open their doors to our furry friends too.


Guest blogger: Uta the Cavalier

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