Sharing Your Life with a Dog


Sharing Your Life with a Dog

Hi there, I’m Uta the Cavalier Spaniel.

When the weather’s nice, we like to spend the weekends outside.


Spending my weekends with Uta, the time just flies by.




The average life expectancy of a dog is around ten to twelve years.

Of course it’s a fact of life, but I’m very aware that it doesn’t give me much time to spend with Uta.




Uta is just two years old. But the thought that our time together will one day come to an end is always at the back of my mind.




And that’s why I don’t want to think about time when I’m playing with Uta. I just want to lose myself in the moment!




Sharing your life with a dog means experiencing both happiness and sadness.

I have tried to capture this time with my camera because I don’t want to forget a moment.


This is Uta’s last entry. Thank you for stopping by!


Guest blogger: Uta the Cavalier

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