Shanghai and Hong Kong: Fantastic Trips of the World


Shanghai and Hong Kong: Fantastic Trips of the World


Many story magazines send cover photographers to spontaneously travel to photograph people, and accurately record and describe events.

In 2004, she started independently taking travel photographs from Xinjiang and Tibet. Since 2006, she migrated to Japan and Europe where she has taken a large amount of travel photographs and written travel writings. In 2008, she began printing original Europe travel postcards all around the world and mailing them to online friends. Because of this, she was called “Collector of Exchanged Glances.” Since many of her works portray people from around the world, she was also called “Collector of Expressions around the World.” Her pictures, with the appearance of a story from a movie, expose people’s true inner selves. The coloring reveals a distant and mysterious atmosphere. Each picture seems as if it is telling the story of a distinguished person destined to walk.  


Throughout my years of traveling, I find my time in Europe to be particularly unforgettable. However, a journey is not only at different locations. We will always return to a starting place until we travel again. This is also one of a trip’s wonderful places. In the end, one will return to the place with which they are very familiar, where they will spend day after day after day.

Therefore, Shanghai and Hong Kong have become the cities in China for which I have a particular liking. It is almost always the case that, as long as I am in China, I will always want to stay for a long, long time in these two cities that connect China and the ocean. I pretend I am always on a journey.



To me, the most appealing part of Shanghai is the architecture, delicious food, and the variety of cultures. While walking in Shanghai and seeing every style of building pass before my eyes, I often have the illusion of hearing a symphony. These legendary buildings are like the solidifying of music. They contain specific aspects of history and humanities, and open new doors of understanding to me.

Small red chambers, peaceful restaurants, restaurants along the river, fine art museums, the multi-storied post office and foreign law diplomatic quarters, Sinan Road … I love the east side with its variety of gardens and old western-style buildings that are rich with foreign demeanor. I also love those streets and alleys with a distant atmosphere, and the Bund’s winding and spread out rows of buildings. I have witnessed Shanghai’s wind and rain, and also its legendary aspects.

Shanghai also has many extremely beautiful cafés, which is often a fantastic place for fashion magazines to take pictures along the streets.



Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been the melting pot of every type of culture. I especially appreciate Hong Kong’s spirit of preserving the old while building the new. Things change rapidly and inspiration can be found everywhere. I enjoy the mix of fashions, and at the same time love the natural environment. Hong Kong has large suburbs of green nature, continuous mountain ranges and wide ocean areas.

I often go to Central (中环), Sheung Wan (上环), Causeway Bay (铜锣湾), Admiralty (金钟) and Wan Chai (湾仔). On a weekend’s night, I am on a bright neon street where there is no night. From nine o’clock to early morning, I watch as the noisy crowds come and go on a night in Hong Kong.


How magnificent and beautiful the world is. If one does not have personal experience, one has missed the most important thing. This prevents life from becoming fantasy, since only the fascinating and unexpected events can nourish the journeys of life.


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