Almost a Zoo.


Almost a Zoo.


Ever since my childhood, some situations, sentences, or events trigger associations in my head which make me laugh or smile to myself. I can well remember many situations where my laugh irritated people around me very much, because no-one but myself was able to see, for example, the humor in a situation, or maybe even perceived a small gesture they way I did. I always maintain that I can look behind things, to see something that isn’t actually there. Then again, it might simply be that, which is generally called imagination. And if I find a small piece of bark on my walks through the forest, and I can clearly see a dog’s head with it’s mouth wide open, then all that’s missing are a few lines and the picture in my head is suddenly in front of my iPhone.

found him in the woods

And so, my way of producing art, photos or illustrations is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to make visible all those skewed pictures and fantastic worlds which would otherwise only exist in my own head. For myself, but, naturally, also for other people. And frequently the most wonderful small animals or creatures are thus created. Almost a whole zoo.

Some are easily recognizable: the small duck which came out of a daisy which I had used to play the childhood game “he loves me, he loves me not”, the snail which carries a maple leaf instead of a normal snail house, or the tortoise which came from a basil leaf which, really, should have ended up in my salad. I love making something completely new out of these simple, small things.




At the same time, there are also creatures of which I am not sure what they are meant to be. Is the dried-up stick a dog, or is it rather a crocodile? Whatever it is, it seems to be in a bad mood. That’s in stark contrast to the plum which jumps in the air for joy, however, no-one knows, what it is. And then the animal with the long ears made from maple seed – it could actually be a hare, but its teeth are too sharp! Perhaps it is a wolpertinger after all.

mr crumpy


perhaps a wolpertinger

As my followers on Instagram are from all over the world, their comments sometimes show very different reactions to my illustrations. A picture which I published recently – four small pink buttons which belong to four little piglets – reminded some of my commentators of the story of the three little pigs who built three different types of houses and the wolf who blew them down again. Others quoted a nursery rhyme, which had been unknown to me, about little piggies going to market. And I, on the other hand, had simply discovered these buttons in a craft box at school and thought they would look great in a row as four piglets.


Today I went for a bike ride with my husband and my youngest son. While riding along I had to stop and retract a little bit, because I had discovered a stick on a dirt track. “This billy goat has to come home with us,” I said to my family, and placed the stick into my bicycle basket. Now it is at home on my desk and by this time it reminds me a little of a dragon. I wonder whether it will actually end up as a picture for my gallery one day.. You are more than welcome to pop in and see me – visit my blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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