September 2013

Main Actor: Little Monster

Long ears, two small horns, large eyes, and a crooked grin. The little monster which appears in many of my pictures is the embodiment of the...

13 September 2013

Exploring boundaries

I went to take photographs of the Tohoku area one year after the earthquake disaster. I decided to take them in series while trailing the shoreline,...

13 September 2013

3 concrete and easily implemented ways to take street photos discreetly.

Hello to all you passionate photographers out there! I am thrilled to be with you again for this second article for the month of September, 2013...

12 September 2013

Embrace Creative Constraints

I bought my first smartphone, an iPhone 3G, in September of 2009. Before then, I had primarily used a Canon film camera and a Lumix digital...

10 September 2013


“There are many ways of showing people the world; this is my way of doing it.”   “I just cannot resist the urge to travel”, and...

05 September 2013

Maybe that is it.

When I placed an object onto white paper and added a few doodles for the first time, I couldn’t have imaged what would come of it...

04 September 2013

The Fantastic Beauty of Waskesiu Sunsets

I have been going to Waskesiu in northern Saskatchewan with my family since I was less than a year old. Over the years, it has come...

03 September 2013

Street photography: the method to help you get beautiful, spontaneous portraits!

Hello to all you passionate photographers out there ! I am Maïeva Voyage from the blog and I will be your host for the month...

01 September 2013

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