Camilla Ranzullo: In my shoes


Camilla Ranzullo: In my shoes

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Hello everyone!

Put simply, this is me. The winter version on the left, and the summer version on the right.


My name is Camilla, I’ve lived in Milan all my life, I’ve always been tall (so much so, that I’ve been at the back in every class and on every school trip), I like sad songs, black and white films, pizza and acrylic canvas paints. I bite my nails on alternate months, sing in the shower, and share my space with two goldfish called Carlino and Zen, whilst Margot, Lola and Beba – three water snails – make sure the aquarium stays clean.
I’m a journalist, with the crazy habit of jotting everything down in creased notepads, I love documenting life in photographs, and I manage the blog ‘Zelda was a writer‘, dedicated to my own little revelations on the road to Damascus.
These are my yellow shoes…


Hanging there on the nail since time immemorial, they remind me just how important is it to keep believing in the way, venturing every day down long parallel roads and lesser worn paths.

I will be here for IN MY SHOES, a journey in four parts, dedicated entirely to the little everyday things that amaze me. It is a light-hearted exercise in ‘experimental speleology’, a further opportunity for believing that big changes, both personal and non, always come about through stubbornly searching for, and sharing, the beauty of things.


You will understand straight away that this short journey will never go further than my eyes can see: in my house, along the city streets, close to things that always keep me smiling and hoping. I will lead you by the hand for a short but intense walk, with a final reward of a fantastic chocolate and pistachio ice cream.


However, before setting off, here is a personal wish for you:
May you wish to paint the walls of your house, to personalise them with stories and encounters. May you be filled with a longing to possess a different flower every day of the week, may you be hit with the insane idea of humming away whilst at work. May a new idea strike you like a kiss on the forehead, and instil in you the wonderful urge to take the plunge, to start afresh.


The best known way is that which has the ultimate and unavoidable goal of fulfilling your own natural and sacrosanct need for happiness. For this type of journey, the important thing is not number of steps, but only your own solid rhythm… like that of my fantastic new antique alarm clock.

Do you want come with me to the paradise in which I found it?
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