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The blog I want to talk about today belongs to Andrea Scher. Once a painter, today Andrea is a photographer, a photography teacher, a life coach and a designer of beautiful and brightly-coloured necklaces. Her blog has grown and evolved alongside her, following her professional development step by step: from a personal diary enriched with wonderful photographs, in which Andrea shared some of the most important moments in her life, it has transformed into a much broader vehicle of communication for her various professional activities. Despite this change, her blog still contains shared thoughts and intimate reflections, along with her fabulous photos, colourful, cheerful and full of life, which mirror perfectly Andrea’s up-beat personality.

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You are a photographer, a teacher, a jewellery designer and a life coach. What role does photography play in your professional life?

Photography has always been a passion and a creative outlet. For me, it is like an exercise in thankfulness. Through every single click, I am made aware of the beauty that surrounds me. I see it as a kind of meditation.

Where did your passion for photography begin?

I remember the photo from which it all began. I was at middle school, I’d just been given a compact camera and I was having fun trying it out in the garden. I took a photo of the hosepipe: a copper-coloured tap and a pale green tube, shot with a shallow depth of field. When I saw the photo a few weeks later, I realized that even the most ordinary things can be made magical, thanks to photography.

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How did you learn how to take photographs?

I am self-taught, mostly through trial and error. Digital photography is great for this style of learning. I learned all sorts of things by simply taking photos and then looking at the result.

What is your favourite subject matter?

I like to photograph people. Helping them to see how beautiful they are seems to me a wonderful gift to possess, and I find it brings me great satisfaction.

What equipment do you use and how important do you think it is?

I invested very little in my first full frame, a Canon 6D, and it changed my life. My photos now are full of light and extremely stylish. Of course, it’s not all down to the camera, but I have noticed that I do a lot less post-production work now.

Have you ever thought about using analogue photography?

I did it for years, but I love the immediacy of digital photography and film is getting too expensive.

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Why did you start a blog?

I started it in 2003 to practise my writing and to share my photographs. Principally, it was, and still is, a passion of mine. I love the freshness of the stories and the images, the fact that it all happens in real time.

Is your blog useful in promoting your photographs?

I don’t use it for that reason.

Who are your favourite photographers?

Anna Kuperberg, Tara Whitney, Vivian Maier.

Three words to describe your photos.

Riot of colour.

Three words you would like to hear used to describe your photos.

Intimate, unconventional, magical.

My name is Cinzia Ferri, I spend most of my time dreaming of travelling, taking photographs, baking cakes and reading books. I write about all of this on my blog, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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