Something different for a change?


Something different for a change?

I have always enjoyed trying out new things and after three years of photography it was time for some new inspiration in this area.
One cold winter’s day I was sitting at home watching “Danbo” (I had ordered it from eBay) and suddenly had an idea. The table was beautifully decorated with candles and I grabbed my camera. I liked the results straightaway and wanted more.

Little “Danbo” had inspired me and I started looking around my home for more objects I could use. I found a small pendant – a clock in the shape of an owl. So I went down to the harbor with it and tried my luck again.

Somehow it had all just started as a bit of fun, but I was totally delighted with the results.
I then went online to look for more miniatures and found several toys made of tin which I instantly liked.

When the small Vespa and the van arrived at home I knew straightaway that I would be taking them with me almost everywhere I’d go.

After work I took a stroll around the harbor near me and put down the Vespa everywhere. All those lights in the evening had added a beautiful ambience to the picture.

I felt content, because I was no longer dependent on the weather or the environment. It was so easy to take an interesting photo as the miniature in the picture caught all the attention. Place it, focus, and there is the picture!

The story was born. When I was in the park on the following day I realized that my Vespa and the van had to see more of the world than just the harbor and the park.

With the van, the small, frozen, lonely and still lake now seems much more alive.
The pictures stirred emotions and seemed somehow “cute”. The feedback by followers was extremely positive.

In the meantime, the small van has been to South Africa, Bali, Turkey, Mallorca, Los Angeles.
For me, every picture has a small story associated with it. There are no limits on creativity now and I have found a great alternative to bad weather.

I am convinced that each one of you can find something in your home that you can use as an interesting motive and let your creativity run riot.

Just give it a go and you will see how much fun photography can be once more.

Sylvia Matzkowiak

I started to take photos three years ago and cannot get enough of it. It has become a great passion.
I always see the world in colors and would like to see much of it. Therefore I love traveling and show people what the world looks like through my eyes.


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