This was the beginning.


This was the beginning.

The reason I continue to use instagram.
It’s not only because it’s fun or because it’s easy–a bigger reason perhaps is the ease with which you can show your creations to so many people.

Just a little while back, we could only show our photos by sending them to a newspaper or magazine, holding an exhibition or entering a competition.
But how about in recent days?
You can create a blog free of charge, and there are many SNS services that are easy to register with. In this way anyone can easily show their photos publicly.

In May last year, Japan also witnessed the annular solar eclipse. I also woke up early that day to take photos and I saw a number of people that I have read here.

After my merely having shared it with a few friends on Facebook and Twitter, the photographic creation above all of a sudden made its way around the world (it was very sudden).
In this age where everyone is able to show their work and view others’ work on the internet, I have also started to believe that anyone can be an artist.
Sometimes it’s OK to boast a little.
People who take photos are fundamentally artists.

Students I teach photography and people I communicate with on SNS often ask the question:
“What constitutes a good photo?”
I have a ready answer:
“A good photo is one for which you say to yourself: ‘Now there’s a good photo!'”

Would you want to show photos to others that you yourself do not like?
The photos you want to show are the ones you have confidence in, photos you think you took well.
Of course other people’s opinions are also important. But first you should keep creating photos that appeal to you yourself and showing them, and expand from there.

For me instagram is a bundle of the things I like, a drawer of memories, a mini photo exhibition.
I would go as far as saying that instagram changed my life, but I will write more about that next time.


Profession: cameraman/photographer. I started using instagram 3 years ago. Through instagram, I create images based on shapes etc. that appeal to me. The only processing I use is that offered by my iPhone and iPad. I mostly go on photography expeditions with my friends. Next month I’m going abroad to take photos.

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