Life’s magic moments


Life’s magic moments

By training, I’m an artistic director, and I’ve been doing photography for 3 years… I’m passionate about a lot of things in photography… Over time I have learned to look all around me, and my eye has turned out to be an amazing tool… I’m always on the lookout for some superb angle for a landscape shot, or for an intimate picture of a pair of lovers, or to find a lovely reflection in a puddle while strolling through gardens to watch the seasons change… There are so many things to take pictures of!
3 years ago, I started with Instagram. I began wandering the streets of Paris with my iPhone in hand looking for gorgeous shots.


Along the way, I discover beautiful things, I pass by lovers in the park, or children at play, or gentlemen reading the newspaper. There are so many of these magically simple moments every single day.
I try to capture these memorable moments in life, these unplanned situations caught on the fly. I love to capture the complete sincerity of the people as they live their daily lives.
Since the beginning, I have loved to take pictures of people. It’s not always easy. You have to be discreet so as not to bother people.
When I look at my photos, I alway remember the moment they capture, even if it’s several months later.


On this day, I captured kids leaving school in the park near my house. This little boy and his sister were running right in front of me. I only had half a second to get out my iPhone and shoot the picture. I love the bounding and rapid stride of the boy in this picture. I was so happy to be able to immortalize this magic moment.


The man with a cigar is one of my first photos. I was enjoying my coffee right across from him. I couldn’t resist taking his picture. He was the perfect representation of the Parisian gentleman, with his hat, cigar, and newspaper. This timeless shot could have been taken 50 years ago!


And then there are the lovers of Paris! These blissful moments are always so heartwarming.
Paris is a city that’s always on the move and there are constant activities!


Paris Beach is one of the activities that takes place every summer along the quays of the Seine. It’s when Parisians relax and enjoy a range of activities, including lying out on the sand, stretching out on deck chairs, enjoying concerts, events, water fountains…the young and not so young alike take time to wander along the river.


And in winter, skating enthusiasts of all ages enjoy the outdoor ice rink at the Paris Hôtel de Ville.


I also love to wander among the booksellers along the Quays. It’s a joy to take one’s time to browse through the old books and take a look at the old pictures of Paris. Visitors love to wander here through the timeless spaces that will never lose their charm.

Nathalie Geffroy

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