June 2014

Landscapes from near and far

(The Eiffel Tower viewed from the top of the Tour Montparnasse. Iphone 5S + Qx100) As a Parisian, I love to climb to the top of...

01 June 2014

Stroll through the parks and gardens

(Montmartre – Paris – Samsung Galaxy S4zoom) In Paris and the Paris region, there are lots of parks and gardens; I love wandering through them, strolling,...

01 June 2014

3 iPhone Apps to Add Dramatic Effects to Instagrams

Photography is meant to be fun. If photos are a means of self-expression, iPhoneography is the ultimate in this sense. For me iPhoneography is not about...

01 June 2014

Puddle in Paris.

(Grande Arche at La Défense – Iphone 4S) I have always loved water and rain. For me it’s like being a child at the playground! As...

01 June 2014

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