August 2014

Photography with the Tripod Compact Action kit

Lightweight, compact and practical are the three adjectives which first came to mind having attached my Manfrotto Tripod Compact Action to my mountain bike rucksack. To...

28 August 2014

Records and memories

I create because I don’t want to forget The 3 functions of photographs: as records, as a communication vehicle, and expression. Today I will discuss the...

26 August 2014

Pushing your mobile photography to the limit

When I posted my first Instagram photo a little less than 4 years ago, I didn’t realise that mobile photography would become a part of my...

26 August 2014

Let us go Wild: Wildlife Photography for everybody

We all love going back to nature and click some wildlife, specially the big cats the Tigers and Leopards in the jungles. But not all of...

25 August 2014

7 Memories that define Kerala or God’s Own Country for me

Travel is all about unique experiences and collecting memories. While I love doing a bit of shopping I love to collect memories through the pictures that...

14 August 2014

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