Me, Myself and Joey – My favourite place and how to take the perfect dog selfie!


Me, Myself and Joey – My favourite place and how to take the perfect dog selfie!

I’m going to talk about my favourite place to walk Joey as well as how to take the perfect dog selfie!
Some of my favourite pictures have came out of these two things.


My favourite place to walk Joey is a field/forest near by our house it’s only a 10 minute walk or a couple minutes to drive. This place is made up of two massive fields with forests going all around the edge with a park in the center. This is a great place to try and socialize Joey as there is always many dog walkers who are all very friendly.
I love taking my camera on these walks as it’s such a lovely place to try and capture some great pictures. We normally go for walks everyday between 12 noon and 3pm as the light is always great.
I normally take my pictures out on the open fields as the light is much better than going into the forest areas where it can be very dim and dull.
We can always trust Joey off the lead running freely this is always a great opportunity to take pictures as he always looks so happy on his walks.


Now I’m going to tell you about how to take the perfect dog selfie. As we know selfies have very much came a massive trend everyone from celebrities to politicians to your best friend is joining in so we wanted to jump on board and get Joey involved. Our first selfie was a massive success and everyone seemed to enjoy it so we carried on taking them as everyone always seems to love Joey’s selfies.


Here are some steps to taking the perfect dog selfie!

  • Make sure your camera is zoomed out otherwise the selfie won’t work.
  • Hold onto your dog’s paw bringing it into the corner of the camera making it look like he or she is holding the camera. (Don’t worry if your hand is slightly in the picture you can always crop that out later!)
  • Always offer treats!
  • Take lots of quick snaps while trying to get them to look at the camera (this is where the treats come in handy but it can be quite hard as your hands are normally full from holding their paw then your camera/phone)
  • And that’s it! It’s pretty easy to do but I do find it easier to take them on my camera instead of my phone. If you don’t have a camera that’s no problem, as it is possible to take them on your phone, too.


I hope these tips help and I hope your dog can also take the perfect selfie. Joey’s been told a few times that he takes the best selfie which I agree with as he can definitely take a better selfie than me!


My name is Jayme-Leigh i’m 19 years old. I live in England, Essex with my boyfriend of 3 years (Bobby) and my beautiful dog Joey. I work within a retail store and enjoy taking pictures of Joey on the side. I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer but I hope one day in the future I can pursue my dream of becoming one.

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