October 2014

Escape to Spiti Valley

The story behind my career as a photographer drags me back to the days when I was working as an engineer for Accenture. I still remember...

16 October 2014

Tripods – your 3legged friends

Before I go on a shoot – either with a big camera or a mobile – I ask myself: what will I need? The range of...

13 October 2014

Sunset: golden hour photos from Around the World

If there is something travelers and photographers have in common it’s their love for the Golden Hour. Also known as “Magic Hour”, this is the brief...

12 October 2014

A remote addiction! – Capturing images with bushnell trail cameras

Have you ever wondered what happens in your garden at night… who is digging the holes in the lawn, knocking over the bins or emptying the...

08 October 2014

A Helicopter Flight with Obstacles!

When I saw this view, I recovered quite quickly… My first visit to Australia and the first time at the Great Barrier Reef had to be...

03 October 2014

The Cool Barrios of Santiago de Chile

Santiago is not an obvious city. The variety of people, places and sights contained within the Chilean capital is astounding. From the skyscrapers of “Sanhattan”, the...

03 October 2014

Photography power to the people!

One of the grand claims made for mobile photography by many people is that it has democratised photography. Previously an elite pastime for those who could...

02 October 2014

10 errors to avoid when you are starting out as a culinary photographer.

It is a great pleasure to be back on this blog for the entire month of November with 4 new articles on culinary photography. So to...

01 October 2014

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