Family travel photography


Family travel photography


Today I wanted to talk to you about travel photography but more specifically family travel photography. Travel as everyone knows broadens the mind and it’s a privilege to be able to travel with my young son. The wonder that you experience in a new country with different cultures is only heightened seeing it through a small child’s perspective.

manfrotto 2


When I was growing up my family also traveled a great deal but although they have photo albums stacked full of foreign architecture and dusty roads I always felt there weren’t enough pictures with us in them. I wanted to make sure that this was different when we travelled. Instead of taking a picture of a famous landmark on it’s own (I don’t think I have anything to add to the million pictures already take on them) I always feature us in them too.

This is one of my favourite pictures of myself and my son at the Eiffel Tower.

eifel tower tigerlilly quinn paris manfrotto

Photographing a small child also means you have to get down to their level and this often means I discover things I might not have when shooting from my height.

love lock bridge paris manfrotto

We tend to travel to urban destinations and so top of our list when we look for good locations to take pictures is street art.

paris apartment manfrotto

Another favourite of mine when traveling is observing normal day to day activity. Stops at the coffee shop or deli or the old man feeding the pigeons. I feel like these shots give you a much better insight into a place than the local tourist spots and landmarks!

Tom and Wilf Amsterdam manfrotto


Fritha Quinn

Hi I’m Fritha Quinn and I blog at Tigerlilly Quinn and I’m here today to talk about family travel photography, and how travelling with a child can help you discover images you might not have thought of before.

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