December 2014

Let’s agree on a common theme!

The group decided that the exhibition place would be Yokohama. So, what, you ask, is the theme of the event? Running around, all of a sudden...

08 December 2014

[Holiday Special] Year-End Shopping, 5 photo ideas to shoot this weekend

Dear Manfrotto readers, hello! I’m back with you once again on the Manfrotto Imagine More blog for a new series of photo tutorials – the “Special...

06 December 2014


As a blogger I love documenting my life. It’s the main reason I started my blog and it continues to be a wonderfully creative outlet in...

05 December 2014

How To Make Minimalist Instagram Photos – 7 Simple Steps

Hello. I’m Tony Hammond and I have the most obvious Instagram name ever – @iamtonyhammond. Despite it’s lack of creativity it took me approximately three whole...

02 December 2014

Sports in the city

Part 2: All around For the second article dedicated to urban sports, we’re going to head into the crowd. Among the thick of the throngs and...

02 December 2014

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