January 2015

The coolest things I’ve done through Instagram

Hi again, I’m back this week to talk about a topic that is constantly raised by my friends, family and of course my Instagram community.  Basically,...

13 January 2015

Searching for Words and Text in the City

Someone once said to me that I was a word hunter. I would have to agree. I love the written word, puns, sentences, lettering, sayings, rhymes,...

06 January 2015

The Age of Instagram: A New Series on Social Photography

I am a photographer, a marketer, a businesswoman, and an educator and above all I am an Instagramer. This is a title that many love to...

03 January 2015

[Special Holidays] The method for taking great Christmas photos or the Special Bokeh Tutorial!

Dear Manfrotto readers, hello! So here is the 3rd episode of our series of “Special End of the Year Holidays” tutorials. Please allow me to bring...

01 January 2015

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