Creation of photographs 「Light」


Creation of photographs 「Light」

It is when light hits the photographic subject that its contours become visible.
Depending on the light source and the kind of light, the colors and atmosphere change.

Capturing the silhouette of the subject that emerges with light.


Focusing on the light the subject receives.


Focusing on the light the subject emits.


When walking through a park or city streets to take photos, looking for the things to take that resemble the image you have in your head becomes a habit.
After finding the light and the thing you are interested in taking, you come up with an idea in your mind of how you want to take it, and then you try to approach this using the camera.

Even when you have an image in your head, depending on the way the light hits and the colors , sometimes you end up not being able to approach as you imagined, and when you can’t find an alternative plan, you often end up giving up.
Simply put, it is often a matter of a combination that is too difficult to achieve or a lack of your own technique, and there is nothing to do but keep accumulating experience.

The focus here is the range of possibilities of expression in terms of the conditions of light hitting the photographic subject , but there is still lots of progress to be made
When the idea of how to take a picture that somehow fascinates you and you feel like you are able to actually achieve it is a really happy moment.



Sometimes there are scenes for which the aerial feeling is readily apparent, and other times you need to adjust the light or brightness.


When going with your friend to do photowork, whether there is a change in the subject from the same place from the same angle, or whether the light is the same — there are a variety of ways to express the subject , but if you are inspired, a your can get a completely different picture.

When you want to control the light conditions and contrast, tripods come in very handy.
You can use the camera functions and your own body to compensate for any obstacles.



Today I used the MK190CXPRO3T-3W for my photographs.
Even with a fully extended length of 173cm and a camera platform for C-stroke, you get a total weight of only 2.4kg, making this camera ideal for travel and for settings as well as packing.


The next blog, I will talk about shade.

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