Photography with the Allegra 50

written by:
Alex Irwin


Photography with the Allegra 50

Photography bags! Well where do we start, you have backpacks, Holsters, Pouches, Rolling, Slings, and Messenger the list goes on. It’s down to personal preference really; Sportography.tv normally uses heavy duty cases because of the conditions and the environment we shoot in, but when we are not out on the water and exposed to the elements we have a requirement for a light weight versatile day bag.

This is where the Allegra-50 messenger bag comes in; its a multifunctional camera bag perfect for those landscape photography days or the shots around the city. With many different pockets to store your mobile, chargers, memory devices, food / drink, and a nice padded compartment for your laptop with also enough room for your rain coat even when your camera is in the handy protective camera insert this bag is perfect for the photographer who likes capturing things going on around them or that business meeting when you may need the camera.



The bag incorporates external tripod fixings: storing your tripod under the bag with easy access. Perfect for up to a medium tripod, larger tripods may start to hit your lower back depending on the carry height of the bag.



The Laptop holder is a really nice feature of the bag: Internal padded laptop sleeve with Velcro safety strap for secure storage during transport. Also separate compartment behind laptop sleeve for documents, Ipad and diary. Lovely all-around bag keeps your laptop safe but also easy to access quickly.



Pockets: Many different pockets, that makes storing cables, devices, business cards and memory sticks etc. that little bit easier. I always carry round an external hardrive for back up and having access to images with there being many different pockets I can store a hardrive in a safe zip pocket.


Camera Pouch Insert: Perfect size for a medium DSLR and kit lens. The removable camera pouch can be fitted to your belt whilst working; the only slight issue is that it will not accommodate a large DSLR such as a Canon 1DX. It could also be used for other items such as cables and phone if a camera is not being stored in the pouch. If the pouch is not in use it can be removed and the main compartment of the bag is bigger, which enables you to store other items such as a tablet device.



In conclusion this is a very attractive bag, and has a high quality finish, which is as you would expect from Manfrotto. It incorporates many features all well designed with the photographer in mind.





Alex Irwin

My name is Alex Irwin; I am 22 years old and I am a professional photographer, with sports being one of my major interests.There have always been cameras in the house and from a young age I have been using them; that together with my sporting interests was the first step.

I am a keen sportsman and this gives me a great insight and the ability to capture action and motion at its best. My first inspiration came when I was fortunate to attend the iconic 2008 Wimbledon final between Federer & Nadal; I even sold the images!

I truly believe that the medium of still images remains one of the most powerful.

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