March 2015

#NOFILTER: Travel Photography that shows the world as it really is

In recent years, there has been a democratization of photography. This has been made possible with the availability of affordable digital cameras and, more than anything...

17 March 2015

Mobile photography and tilt shift – correcting perspective distortion

Last week I wrote about depth of field and the challenges facing mobile photographers. This week, I wanted to start to expand the theme by looking...

13 March 2015


From the very beginning, mobile photography has been characterised by the use of filters made available by Instagram and found on other photographic networks, such as...

10 March 2015

How to shoot the elusive Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights) is a natural phenomenon that takes place in the Northern Hemisphere. Mostly seen in places of high latitude, like above...

10 March 2015

5 photography tips I’ve learnt from Instagram.

Hold onto your seats. This gets a little scary. This was my very first photo on Instagram. It’s really really really bad. In fact it’s beyond...

09 March 2015


Would you like to transform a shot taken with your smartphone into a watercolour or an oil painting? Nearly all photograph subjects lend themselves to this...

06 March 2015

Mobile photography and depth of field

Making use of depth of field or depth of focus is one of the great challenges when using a mobile phone for photography. Traditional (D)SLR cameras...

06 March 2015

Yummy Travels: How To Take Food Photos On The Road

Most articles about food photography focus on creating mouthwatering images at home or at a studio. As such, fairly complete photo kits may be involved. Apart...

03 March 2015

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