Try the new POCKET tripod for shooting videos!


Try the new POCKET tripod for shooting videos!

Hi everyone!
I’d like to introduce some smartphone accessories and filming techniques.

First of all, I assume everyone has used a digital SLR and compact digital camera, is that right?
For travel and events, or when walking around etc., it is a bit of a burden to carry around all the time.
However the smartphone that we carry around every day doubles as a phone and a small PC, and for this reason it has become an indispensable sidekick for me.

And this same smart phone is now able to take beautiful, high-quality photos and videos. Isn’t it true that the photos the photos and videos taken with smartphones are much more likely to be shared every day on SNS sites than photos taken with a digital camera?
And precisely because it is something you carry around with you at any time, there are many times I end up thinking: “good thing I brought a smartphone!”

Sorry for my long-winded introduction — let me get to business here. First I’d like to introduce three items:

Manfrotto POCKET tripod L

・Mini panhead ( the photo shows the GITZO G0077)

・Smartphone holder

Combine these three and you have a completely
mobile tripod.
Of course it is no problem to also mount a compact digital camera.


With these three accessories, you can enjoy trying various techniques at your shooting location.

(with the iPhone, if the version matches, you can use the iPhone KLYP series)

A single-unit pocket tripod is good enough, however if you also had a free-revolving panhead, you could freely change the angle for extra convenience.

Because the Pocket tripod has rubber stoppers on its legs, it doesn’t slip, so there is no need to worry about blurring. You can set it up on the ground directly for low-angle shots; you can place it on handrails; on the rim of garbage cans; and finally in places where tripods are forbidden such as certain lookout platforms.


The above photo shows how the legs can be extended to set the camera up on a rounded handrail.
Because smartphones are light, you need to fix them securely to take photos.
It goes without saying that you can use a remote control.
You can use it instead of a stand for Skype and LINE video chatting and for taking self portraits, etc.

I’d like to introduce one more item that I usually take with me when walking around.

The Manfrotto Nano Clamp

・1/4 male 1/4 male adapter


(Though it differs from the photo, Manfrotto Nano Clamp comes with a 1/4-3/8 adaptor, so there is no need to purchase it separately)

The following items have already been introduced above.

・mini panhead
・Smartphone holder

With these items, setting the camera up on various objects such as handrails, pedestrian bridges, tables inside rooms, shelves, PC monitors, and even televisions becomes possible.

In Japan, looping your lock around your bicycle and a handrail or telephone pole
is referred to as “chikyuu-rokku” (“earth lock”) and if you use a nano-clamp as a kind of earth lock, you can easily take photos without any blurring.


For photos, clip it to a hand rail, “earth lock” it, and you can take the photo at a low angle.
Since starting to use the clamp, I have noticed more and more round pole shaped things in the city that could be used as stands.

You can also hook the camera to the handles of a bicycle, motorcycle, etc. There are many ways to apply it if you keep your eyes open.
For example, for folks who take video, fit the clamp to unipod or tripod legs, then attach the microphone or LED, etc. The possibilities are endless.


Though this is a little too big to walk around with on a regular basis, having one of these suction-pad type camera platforms is very useful .

With this you can attach it to window panes. And for folks who usually ride in a car, combining it with a smartphone holder, it can be used as a drive along recorder (there are even drive-recording apps for iPhone and Android!). It’s fine for taking movies as you usually would, or for long exposure, and finally time-lapse movies are also a cinch.

It depends on your imagination, but for the various possibilities such as scenery taken from a bus or car window, or shots or movies of the driver, etc. the results are usually blur-free.
(try using it to shoot time-lapse movies from an airplane window before the descent or when close to landing, of course with Internet connection cut)

Carrying a tripod with you wherever you go is troublesome, but if you had one to fit in your business bag or briefcase, it would be very convenient, which is why this item is highly recommended.
Once you are in the know, you ‘ll think it untenable not to have one of these, not only does it rarely feel burdensome, all its various functions and uses make it indispensable.


How about making it your little sidekick?
Finally, I’d like to show you a time-lapse movie I made.
Definitely check it out.
[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]https://youtu.be/E_etRjC3gis[/youtube]

In the next blog, I’ll talk about how to create movies with smartphone as well as POCKET tripod applications.

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