Finding your unique selling point.


Finding your unique selling point.

What’s my ‘thing’? What’s my style? What’s my unique selling point on Instagram? Hmmm…I find it difficult to describe really. Pastel-sky-silhouetted-minimalism isn’t exactly catchy. Other people have described my photography style as ‘extreme minimalism’ – and I have to admit I like that description. It makes me feel like I’m instagramming on the edge, bungee jumping from a helicopter whilst taking a picture of a bird on a wire.


But just to clarify I’m not that exciting – I’m scared of heights to be honest. But do you need a unique selling point to your instagram gallery? It depends what your aim is I supppose. Personally, I noticed, that once I’d found a style of photography I enjoyed, and consistently posted shots within this style, people started to notice my gallery much more. This in turn resulted in more followers which made me happy.


So for this blog I thought I’d choose my favourite 7 instagrammers who have their own style to try and encourage you to adopt a USP. Their accounts offer not only great photography and creativity but a little something else – something that makes them consistent, something that makes them fun, and something that definitely makes them unique… Enjoy and hope you’re inspired!



Emily has a phenomenal gallery and there’s no doubting why her photos are so popular. Apart from the insightful photos into her life her USP are the very designery collection of things photos.



This gallery speaks for itself. Samantha is a uber-talented food artist and it’s obvious her amazing yummies are her USP.



Dirk’s gallery is filled with architectural shots. Clear, sharp and awesome geometric shapes are his USP.



Although I’m not a fan of dogs this account is so cute and fun. Clearly it’s USP is cute and fun photos of cute and fun dogs in cute and fun poses.



Andrew’s account works on three brilliant levels for me. Firstly he’s created a great gallery with accomplished photography. Secondly he’s got a cute dog. And thirdly he’s created the Find Momo game. USP x 3!



Highly stylised photos of models in incredible poses and situations. It’s clear to see what this accounts USP is.



Jess’s account is a fantastic journey through the London underground. Underground ultra symmetrical photos are Jess’s USP.

Tony Hammond

I’m Tony Hammond. I’m UK based. I’m a total Instagram-addict. I love pines and apples but I hate pineapple. Find me on Instagram at @iamtonyhammond and say yo! 

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