Tips for making black and white photo montages with Juxtaposer


Tips for making black and white photo montages with Juxtaposer

This photo was done with the Juxtaposer application.


Title: We will be legends

This application will let you close cut silhouettes, like people or children as in this picture, or animals, bicycles, really lots of things, which you can then reintroduce into another photo. For this photo, entitled “we will be legends” the original photo is a field, and I close cut the silhouette of the boy in another photo and then I added it in the foreground of the field, and the trick is that I erased the lower part of his body for a natural impression of the child standing in the field. Then I lightly blurred the bottom of the photo with snapseed to get a depth of field; the nuclear explosion comes from a copyright-free photo from the Internet, added with Superimpose, and black and white was achieved with the Noir app.
But let’s look a little closer at the creative process.


On the left part of the photo is a street photograph with a man riding his bicycle, and on the right the same man after doing a close cut and adding it to a photo. In the Juxtaposer application, start with “start a new session”, then load the background. Here it’s the photo on the right, then load the ‘top image”, the one on the right, using the “move top” button. You can readjust the “top image”. Here, the cyclist should be on my horizon line. With the “erase” button (and this is the toughest part), you just have to erase the environment all around the cyclist so you keep only him. My trick is to place the silhouettes pretty far into the decor so you really have the impression that the cyclist is riding on a country road. Then I used the Noir application and then Snapseed for the bluish quality of the photograph.


The same as for the last one. Here there’s a horse instead of a man on a bike.


The same bike on another landscape, and the impact will be even stronger with huge clouds that give it a poetic aura. Application: Juxtaposer, noir, cameramatic (filter b&w expired film with no film simulation and vignette)


You can also combine several elements. So here the man with the umbrella and the birds were close cut with Juxtaposer and added to the original photo, which was done with Hipstamatic (JohnS, blackeys super grain), then the Cinematic effect. In the Juxtaposer application, you can multiply the close cut elements, like here, where there’s only one bird, but it’s multiplied. So when you’ve done the close cut, you just have to go to the top left on the setting part and press on “stamp image”. You can also “flip” the image with “flip image”.


Here’s another close cut of a person, but here with his shadow which strengthens the credibility of the montage. I’m mainly using this application in combination with Noir or Cameramatic. I think the black and white goes perfectly with this kind of montage, not to mention the clouds of course.


Here is a photo done with Hipstamatic (JohnS, blackeys), then the silhouette of the man with the umbrella is added with Juxtaposer, and the Cameramatic filter.


Title: The hunt is open

Here the head of the deer was added with Juxtaposer. You can add whatever you want: create a library, silhouettes, animals, children, etc., and then you can add them to other photos for a unique effect. Application used for this photo: Juxtaposer, superimpose, noir, rays (application to add rays of light) and also Cameramatic.


application: Juxtaposer, noir, Cameramatic

Make sure to keep in mind the size of the people and other things so that they can blend perfectly into the photos; add a blurry effect if you need to or a tilt shift. For me, black and white gives the best result. Then it’s up to you to make your own library of people.
Application discussed in the article: Juxtaposer, superimpose, snapseed, hipstamatic, noir, cameramatic, rays.

Cédric Blanchon

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