April 2015

Capturing the Details of Childhood

5 Ways to Capture Children’s Relationships With Loved Ones Through Photos Children start developing strong relationships with the special people in their lives early on.  It...

07 April 2015

My 10 Tips for Better Vacation Photos – Part 1

I travel a lot and try to capture my impressions and experiences in pictures for those who stayed at home. I think everyone who goes on...

06 April 2015

Mobile photography and surrealism with the Superimpose application.

For this first Mobile Tips article, I decided to talk about an application that helps me a lot when I want to create a visual effect,...

05 April 2015

When your smartphone becomes a compact camera

I’ve been taking photographs as a hobby for several years, but when I don’t have my equipment with me and something catches my eye, I get...

03 April 2015

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