How do you transform your mobile photos into surrealist pieces of art (continued)


How do you transform your mobile photos into surrealist pieces of art (continued)

In my first article, I was able to talk to you about one of my favorite applications, that is, superimpose. This is an application that lets you embed objects or faces or even simulate putting a photo in your hand, but this application can also let you create this, thanks to the Spacepaint blend and application system:


and so we’ll take off into the puffs of smoke of our souvenirs past. 

If you recall, in my first article I explained the main function of superimpose. You load the first photo (the posing model in this case), then you load the second photo (the decor behind the model) while you make sure the camera doesn’t move for the two photos. Next you just have to erase a part of the photo of the model and the decor will appear behind.


unilateral selection

Open the Spacepaint application, an application which will allow you to add smoke, flame, and other effects. When your photo or a part of your face is erased and ready, add the effects of burning and smoke like on these two photos. After you’ve saved it, load the photo in superimpose, then load the second photo (the one you’ll erase), without the effects, the original photo. Erase your whole photo and only keep your face, which you’ll place in the smoke. Then press on transform and at the top right on settings, you’ll see the blend mode. There, the screen mode generally will make your face turn slightly transparent, which simulates an effect that really looks “smoky”.


the smoke portrait

application: camera+ (for the timer photo), superimpose (to erase my head and then blend my face into the smoke), spacepaint (for the artificial smokiness), oggl (for texture and vignetting)

Don’t forget: my trick is to take two photos (one for the decor and the other for the model, with no movement whatsoever from the camera. So, when you’re erasing the first photo, the decor that appears will be perfectly synchronous with the model).


Kill Tyler Durden

application: camera+ (the timer), superimpose (to adjust a second face behind my head) spacepaint (for the smoke and the explosion in my mouth) oggli (for texture and the filter)

You might have noticed it, but unfortunately, for the moment, the Spacepaint application won’t let you back-up photos in full resolution mode, but there is a workaround. Once your final photo is complete and saved, then open superimpose, load the first photo (the one where there are no smoky effects, etc.) then load the one with effects, then erase the whole photo and only keep the smoky effects. Then your photo will be saved in full resolution and with the smoky effects. There is also the Bigphoto application which will let you change the dimensions of your photo.


the smoker

application: camera+ (the timer), superimpose (for erasing the chair I was seated on) spacepaint (for the smoke) a+ signature (for the words “chair” and “cigarette”, and black (for making it black and white)


bad morning for the headlessman

application: camera+ (for the timer), superimpose (erasing my head + re-placement of the eyes), spacepaint (for the smoky effects) vfxstudio (for the big cloud), and snapseed (for adjusting light, etc.)

Applications mentioned in this article: Superimpose, Spacepaint, Oggl, Snapseed, vfxstudio, camera+, A+signature, Noir, Bigphoto.

So now it’s up to you! There are a lot of possible interactions as you’ve just seen. For my next article, I will tell you about the Juxtaposer collage application (among others), and you’ll see that there are also lots of things you can do, like this:


we will be legend

Cédric Blanchon

My name is Cédric Blanchon. I’m a mobile artist and I think of myself as a surrealist artist. I won the grand prize Mobile Photography Award in 2013 and artist of the year (in two categories, digital fine art and visual effects). I won the mobile master 2014, and I was in the top 100 at the Eyeem Awards (where I competed in the illusionist category), 2014  mobile photographer of the year at the American Aperture Awards. I have exhibited in the United States at Paul Toussaint’s Empty Space Gallery. Next, I’ll be exhibiting in the Paris region and in Paris, as well as in my home town, as well as in Belgium. My work will also be exhibited in Frankfurt. My website url is http://www.cedricblanchon.com/ ,  instagram: @cedricblanchon, flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/71479580@N04/with/16646917549/  Eyeem: https://www.eyeem.com/u/cedricblanchon 

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