Landscapes or the language of clouds


Landscapes or the language of clouds

This week, I decided to focus on landscapes. I am going to show you a series of photos taken between Switzerland and Italy. Often when I’m on the move, I won’t hesitate to stop along the way, whether I’m on foot or in the car, or as you’ll discover, on the ski slopes at any temperature or altitude. I’m always guided by light, and I also let the clouds guide me in my “Landscape” photos. I also love mixed-weather days, since a sky that’s too blue leaves me cold. I love the wind and the clouds that have their stories to tell. I love to imagine the dialogs of the elements surrounding us, so why not play with them to give my photo a surrealist style with saturated colors and lots of details. As a burgeoning painter, I admit that I often compare this way of working with the way I sit behind my easel contemplating a landscape. Layer by layer, methodically, I get to the intended result, with my finger as a brush and my photograph is the canvas.


Gallipoli, Italy | July, 2014

For nearly 3 months now, I practically always use the same Apps as well as the same tools to edit my various photos in this genre.


Lungern, Switzerland | October, 2013

So you won’t be surprised if I talk about “High Dynamic Range”, which is commonly used in fact for landscapes. The #ProHDR App is simple to use. It takes 3 photos from a single point of view at different exposure levels, so it can combine them and keep the best areas of shadow or light exposed.  It is crucial to remain absolutely motionless in this process. I don’t use a tripod. Rather, I’ll find a base around me somewhere (a barrier, wall, a traveling companion’s shoulder, or even the ground)


Siena, Italy | December, 2014

The second App to put the finishing touches on my pictures is #Snapseed. Generally, I proceed as follows with TOOLS:

  • Cropping
  • Transformation: for cropping the image
  •  Selective Correction: in order to put the finishing touches on pictures like the one below (with colored houses), I added more light, contrast, and saturation.
  • Vignetting


  • Theatrical: once I’ve chosen the filter, I lower its intensity level to the maximum, but I increase its saturation.
  • HDR effect: Nature or People, once again, I lower the intensity of the filter and go for the desired level of luminosity and saturation. Once I’ve completed these steps, I go on to the “finish” and change Apps again, using the #PSExpress App. It’s utterly indispensable. It’s under “correction” tools. I use “Reduce Noise” just to eliminate the noise from my photo. Now that my photo has finished being retouched, here are the results this method can achieve:


Boccadasse, Italy | September, 2014

I can’t always use ProHDR when I’m at a high altitude, when it’s -3°C, or when I’m standing up with my hair blowing all around in a vintage Fiat 500 convertible on the country roads in Tuscany. So I simply use the camera on my iPhone and then I adjust the pictures with Snapseed as shown above.


Siena | November, 2014


Crans-Montana, Cry-d’Er, Switzerland | February, 2013


Crans-Montana, Violettes, Switzerland | January, 2015

It will be a wonderful thrill to be with you again for the last leg of this adventure with Manfrotto. See you next week! Make sure to take full advantage of the elements!

Tiziana Vergari

My name is Tiziana Vergari. I am Swiss-Italian. I was born in Geneva and now I live in the heart of the Swiss Alps. I am a painter and artist. I have loved photography since I was 15 years old. I’ve been on IPhonographe since 2010, and I’ve been signed up on Instagram since 2011, under the name @tizzia. I love getting behind the window of my iPhone and gather what the world has to offer. Taking and editing photos just arouses my curiosity. I take photos of what I love and love what I photograph. I’m a Storyteller through images, and I regularly travel to explore cultural, artistic, and historic spaces. My photos are also awarded prizes and published in magazines, as well as in photo festivals. My work has been exhibited in contemporary art galleries around Europe, including Lugano, Milan, London, and now in Pietrasanta.

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