iPhoneography New World


iPhoneography New World

There’s no denying the fact that iPhone has become a synonym for a camera. The iPhone camera and its single-focus lens, beloved by people the world over.
However, you get a bit tired of the usual iPhone photos and that’s where the KLYP+ comes in. It allows you to fulfill that desire for more.
Manfrotto KLYP+ for iPhone6Plus
The KLYP+, allowing you a completely new perspective on things.
The world seen through a super-wide lens , capturing vast landscapes that you weren’t able to capture before, is now possible with the iPhone. Just a glance at the iPhone screen will be sure to impress you.
Taking photos with the Manfrotto KLYP+ super-wide lens

The telephoto lens
gives you yet a another perspective. Pictures that were not possible are now attainable,… landscape shots, etc… and with the lens compression capabilities, you get completely different results when shooting from the usual perspective.
Shot with Manfrotto KLYP + super wide lens
Shot with Manfrotto KLYP + super wide lens 2

I also tried taking night scenes in the city.
The iPhone 6 Plus has been improved for night photography, but it’s a waste if this is accompanied by any deterioration in the perceived resolution, however when actually trying it, I didn’t notice any such effect. Trying night photographs from heretofore untried perspectives: yay, I’m excited!
Manfrotto KLYP + lens, night photography

Photos are an expression of light and shadow.
Of course, it is the same with iPhone photography… light and shadow that was not obtainable with iPhone can now be obtained with the KLYP +.
With KLYP + there is a polarizer lens to control the light waves. Light and shade are thoroughly expressed through control of the intensity of the light waves, and it brings out the depth of the subject.
Photograph 1with Manfrotto KLYP+ polarizer
Photograph 2 with Manfrotto KLYP+ polarizer
In addition to the iPhone camera exposure adjustment, using the polarizer, it is possible express reflected light or strong light sources without complications.
Photograph 3 with Manfrotto KLYP+ polarizer

In fact, for iPhoneography, there is one more really important item.
We tried shooting flowers with iPhone x LUMIE LED. We cut off all light in the room we used for photography, using only LUMIE LED light. What penetrated was direct light, and LUMIE LED was used behind the gerbera flowers, so the photography was done with permeating light.
iPhone photograph 1 - using Manfrotto KLYP+ and LUMIE LED
iPhone photograph 2 - using Manfrotto KLYP+ and LUMIE LED

This experiment led me to conclude that the LUMIE LED can broaden your possibilities of photographic expression for your iPhoneography significantly.
The [super compact iPhone x LUMIE LED] set provides you with photographic studio conditions wherever you are.
Of course, though the LUMIE LED provides enough light, we want to be careful not to shake the camera, So setting the KLYP+ on the PIXI mini tripod and positioning the iPhone is recommended.




Manfrotto Corporation sponsored 2013-2014 Manfrotto iPhoneography Contest Grand Prize winner.
As a result of his involvement in design and development of the mobile phone camera, has been taking iPhone photos since 1998.
In 2010, he got hold of an iPhone and entered the world of iPhoneography.
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