June 2015

Instagram or How to Love the Pictures You Take.

How do you talk about photography when for me photography is like breathing, walking, or simply expressing an emotion. I am not a “technical” person. I’m...

10 June 2015

Great western States road trip

Some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes you can find is in the western United States; sandy beaches, rugged cliff coast lines, deep redwood forest,...

08 June 2015

Introducing my partner, Befree.

I really want to do a self-portrait exhibition. When I was thinking about this, it dawned on me that I will not need to only consider...

06 June 2015

It’s in the bag. Travel Photography Must-Haves.

When traveling, nobody wants to get stuck carrying around a ton of baggage. But, it’s important to have what you need at all times! To bring...

05 June 2015


How many people have never taken a photo of a landscape? After all, it’s a photography technique that doesn’t require any sophisticated equipment. All you need...

04 June 2015

Norway, the ultimate photo adventure.

Norway is a special place for photographers. The landscape of the country is unique and beautiful, it’s wide open and wild, and you can roam freely...

02 June 2015

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