July 2015

My experience with Manfrotto BeFree

Of all the essential accessories that a photographer should have, the tripod is definitely the most important. It is such an important instrument because it enables...

11 July 2015

Mobile Photography and Photo Social Networks – Why Instagram is Still the Leading Medium

Instagram is nearly five years old. I can’t believe that Instagram has been around for that long. What on earth did I do with my photos...

10 July 2015

From photographic self-portrait to work of art

The photographic self-portrait is commonly referred to today as a #selfie, an #egoportrait or an #autophoto. From the White House to astronauts in space, from the...

09 July 2015


Despite the fact that most people live in urban environments, you don’t always have to travel to exotic places to photograph wild animals. It is amazing...

09 July 2015

Photography Challenge: Photographing Street Theatre and the Circus

I like to challenge myself to come out of my comfort zone and shoot subjects that test my agility as a photographer. While sports can be...

09 July 2015

Manfrotto BeFree: an excellent travel companion

The Manfrotto BeFree carbon fiber tripod makes an excellent travel companion. I took this tripod with me recently on two trips; to Zakynthos in the Greek...

07 July 2015

How to Plan and Execute Amazing Firework Photos

With 4th July approaching quickly and a summer of outdoor events ahead of us there will be lots of opportunity to photograph fireworks. With a little...

02 July 2015

About lost places:Instagram version

In this article, along with my photos, I would like to discuss workflow and various points to note with regards to Instagram. Workflow The photos I...

01 July 2015

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