Taking a Closer Look at the Pixi Mini Tripod


Taking a Closer Look at the Pixi Mini Tripod

This is the seventh and final installment in our series of posts on Manfrotto’s KLYP System.  Here are links to previous posts:

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This post will be taking a closer look at Manfrotto’s Pixi Mini Tripod.

Note:  At press time, Manfrotto announced a new addition to the Pixi line called Manfrotto Pixi EVO, Xtreme and Smart models.

Not Your Only Tripod

I love the Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod.  What’s not to love?  It’s eye-catching and stylish.  Comes in 4 colors.  It feels great in your hand.  The legs extend to around 5.3 inches.  It’s rock steady.  The rubber feet grip nicely to almost any surface.  It’s compact and lightweight and it’s small enough to stash in the pocket of almost any camera bag.  I will say right here that it should not be the only mobile tripod in your bag.


Attaching Your Smartphone to Your Pixi Mini Tripod

I’m assuming here, since we’re talking about the KLYP System that you are using the KLYP case.  If so, it (as well as almost all iPhone camera cases) does not come with a universal ¼” screw thread but it does come with a small tripod adapter.  However, I wouldn’t recommend using it for anything but a quick shot.  It’s not quite sturdy enough and I wouldn’t trust it my expensive iPhone.

I prefer one of these tripod adapters.  Both of these will work nicely with the KLYP case and both are a bit sturdier than the KLYP adapter.


Note:  As of mentioned above, Manfrotto introduced the Manfrotto Pixi EVO, Xtreme and Smart models.  What I like about this new Pixi line is the new tripod adapter.  Yay!  So much better than the previous model.


The Devil is in the Details

Tripods, big or small, live or die by their ball heads.  The Pixi Mini ball head is no exception.  It’s a little clunky to use and it under performs in my opinion.  The ball is operated by a simple push-button mechanism.  Once you push the button (Manfrotto logo) you can rotate the camera 360˚.  It only provides a 35˚ tilt, which can be limiting.


Pixi EVO, Xtreme and Smartphone Models

I really like the NEW Pixi Mini tripod much better than the first one and for three reasons.  One, the ball head rotates 90˚ so you can finally shoot verticals.  Two, the Pixi EVO has 2 leg angles with a sliding selector, enabling users to shoot ground level images. Bravo!  And three, it’s adjustable, featuring 5 different steps adapting to the footprint of uneven surfaces.  While I have pointed out the original Pixi Mini’s shortcomings, I highly recommend this new version!

Nice Hand Grip for Shooting Video

While the ball head isn’t smooth enough to do any significant video panning, with all three legs collapsed, it’s the perfect grip handle for shooting handheld mobile video.  I use the hack out of this tripod for exactly this purpose.  The contoured legs feel just nice in you hand.  Lights, camera, action.

I Use the Pixi Mini Tripod as a Light Stand

I do love the Pixi Mini Tripod for reasons that may just surprise you.  I use them more like mini light stands to hold my SMP LED lights.  They are absolutely brilliant for lighting small products and food.  If I’m in a production mindset, I generally pack 3 Pixi Mini tripods and 3 SMP LED lights to attach to these tripods…and I’m ready to shoot almost any product.  It’s amazing how this simple set up makes your photos look like a pro!


Yes to the Mini Pixi Tripod!

I would totally recommend buying several Mini Pixis.  They might not be your only tripod solution, but I promise you they will come in handy often.  Not only for supporting your smartphone but also support auxiliary lights and grip equipment.  It’s by far the prettiest mini tripod on the market, hands down, and it’s a thing of beauty to hold in your hand.  Makes sense…considering it’s Italian made!  If this is your first Pixi Mini Tripod purchase, stick to the Pixi EVO Xtreme and Smart Models.  Don’t waste any time…go and get your Pixi Mini today.  You’ll thank me later.

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