France in photos


France in photos

For photography, France offers inexhaustible opportunities. The country enjoys four seasons that offer different and constantly varying lighting conditions and ambiance types. To discover France through photography is to take a journey to an exotic place where climate, relief, and human culture will pique your curiosity and renew your enjoyment of taking pictures.

For more than 15 years, I have been traveling to the four corners of the Earth. Over the course of my wanderings, people also ask me with surprise: “Why have you come to our country when France is the most beautiful country in the world?”

How many times have I heard this question? And how many times did I answer, “because the grass is always greener on the other side”, “to discover the world”, or “because I guess I already know all about France.”

Ecotourism in France -Ardennes - On the banks of the Semoye

And the more traveling I undertook, the more it became clear: the real journey begins right outside your door. So for me, that’s France. Can you go off on an exotic journey right in your own country? I bet the answer will be yes. The last six months I spent on the road have definitely convinced me.

From the Ardennes to the Basque country, this photo journey across France has perhaps been my most wonderful voyage of all!

The villages that dot the Semoy Valley seem like drifting rafts lost in the middle of a sea of forests. You’ll feel like you’re at the end of the Earth. It’s like time passes differently here.

A piano in the motor - Travel diary in France

The Azimut theatre company brings a unique spirit to Écurey in the South Meuse countryside. Other theatre companies take up residency here too, like the “La Rue de la Casse” company, and its vehicles of sound. How about a little piano music in your motor?

Wind in the woods - contemporary art and hiking in the forest

At Wind in the Woods in Meuse, residents and artists create artistic itineraries. Stroll through an open-air art gallery adorned with trees and works of art. What motivates you…the discovery of art through nature or nature through art? It’s hard to draw a clear line between them.

Eco-tourism in Haute Marne - the warmth of heaven on Earth

As a companion of St. Peter, Joël holds the keys to paradise! The Art Foundry in Sommevoire in Haute-Marne stores the originals of the statues dedicated to religious monuments. Of course, this place is timeless.

Observe wildlife - Auberive Forest - The leaping doe

Nestled in my nest right in the heart of the future national park, I hear the sounds of the animal world all around me. With a population density of only 2 people per km2, it’s the animals who are the real masters of this realm.

Eco-tourism in Haute Marne - the warmth of heaven on Earth

Sleeping under the stars right in the harvest season means you’re sure to enjoy some spectacular sunsets. The shelter provided by the tent will certainly be welcome. Wild boars, badgers and foxes are never far away, especially when you’ve got sausage hidden away in your backpack.


From the terrace of Vézelay Abbey, Morvan awakens in the morning mists. Spring and summer are behind me. The flat landscapes of the East give way to the first rolling hills on my crossing.

Tourism in a box - Aube travel diary

Summer is coming to an end and hunting season will soon begin. Out in the fields, I come upon a village meal. Wild boar on a spit, hunting horn, bottomless barrels of wine… The atmosphere is so jolly, it’s the perfect place to make a stop.


Morvan’s nickname is “Little Québec.” With forests as far as the eye can see and a winter climate that is tough and snowy, this country “where only rocks can grow” offers an environment perfect for unique natural photography sessions.

Mathieu Mouillet

Mathieu Mouillet is a slow-paced globetrotter. Whether on foot or on his bike, he has been traveling the world for nearly 15 years now with pen and paper, cameras, and recorders for traveling companions. Through his travel diaries on Berlin, he shares his favorites from this constantly evolving city. Berlin isn’t a city people just visit. It’s a city to explore!

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