Great Gifts for the Photographer + Videographer in your Life


Great Gifts for the Photographer + Videographer in your Life

With the holidays around the corner—not to mention birthdays, celebrations, and other special occasions—there comes a time when we want to give something special to the photographer or videographer in our lives.  Well, here’s the truth: photographers and videographers are all the same—We LOVE our gear.  Get us talking about a new camera coming out or our collection of lenses, and we won’t shut up.  Have you heard about the new XXX?  I can’t wait for XXX to come out.  Should I buy the XXX?  If your lucky to have one of us camera happy folks in your life, here are a few fun little items we can’t live without.  And, don’t worry, none of these will break the bank.

1. A Stylish Camera Strap. Who said all cameras should be identical?  How boring! Let’s ditch our name brand camera straps and trade them in for something more stylish. Like this—the brightly colored Spring Break camera strap from Photojojo.  Now we’re talking.  Our images and video footage should have style, and now you can too. (Photo credit: Heidi McGuire, 321 Media Productions)


2. Camera Lens Mug. There’s nothing better than having your morning cuppa Joe in a coffee mug that fires you up for the day.  Enter, the almighty camera lens mug.  Suddenly, everything comes into focus.  Let your loved one unwrap this lens lookalike, discovering what could be a thousand dollar item, but instead, it’s a big heartfelt surprise.  These mugs even come in two sizes, and only you can decide if it’s a long lens kind of day.  (Photo credit: Heidi McGuire, 321 Media Productions)

lens mugs

3. Camera USB Drive. One of the coolest ways to share your digital photos and videos is on a USB drive—and GET THIS—this one looks like a camera! This mini DSLR comes with a removable lens, revealing it’s storage superpowers, 8GB in total.  And, you can choose to go Canon and Nikon, so your loved one can stay as brand loyal as ever.

camera usbdrive_IMG_5851

4. Camera Keychain. When it comes to gifts, nothing beats a personalized memento. This custom hand stamped keychain is a gem of a gift, complete with a camera charm and option for add-ons.  So whether you want to say “Smile!” or “Oh, Snap” or write your own inscription, you can browse through an array of design options and iterations straight from the makers on Etsy.

camera keychain

5. Camera Fashions. The sky is the limit when it comes to camera creations.  Among t-shirts printed with cameras hanging from your neck, earrings and cufflinks, my favorite—the camera scarf!  This funky retro camera print can go under the radar or scream camera fanatic, your choice on how you style it!


6. Selfie Stick with Remote. Of course, photographers and videographers love to be behind the lens. But this item gives the gift of photography and videography back to the creator!  The selfie stick and Bluetooth remote make for a great gift for those who love to document their own adventures.  Give your creative camera pals a whole new reason to smile.

selfie stick_IMG_7552

7. Camera Cards. There’s nothing like a heartfelt card to truly express your feelings for a camera geek. Papyrus carries a classic vintage movie camera card, and the folks at RedCamper have a card for camera-lovers if you’re looking for a laugh (nothing wrong with having a big camera): http://shop.redcamper.com/products/big-camera-a-love-card.

Now, if you really want to go the extra mile and show that special someone they are extra special (or perhaps you’re buying something for yourself), here are a few more items that are certainly splurge worthy, and something all photographers and videographers will appreciate:

8. Triproad. Super light and portable, Manfrotto’s BeFree carbon fiber tripod with ball head is a great companion for any on-the-go shooting situation. When you don’t have the space or manpower to lug around heavy equipment, this puppy does the trick, offering stability and versatility in a smartly compact package. The BeFree tripod has great range in terms of growing tall and getting low, and it fits on your backpack like a champ.  Don’t let gear weigh you down, be free!


9. Camera bag. The only way to truly make a photographer or videographer feel relaxed, is to fit everything he or she needs, all into one bag. Manfrotto has a long line up of camera bags of all sizes for all situations.  I like the Professional series, which always looks sharp, and their sporty Pro Light line, for those who want something a bit more rugged.  Whether you want to be light on your feet or bring the whole kitten caboodle, you’ll find the perfect bag to match your style and needs.  For lighter days, I choose the Manfrotto 3N1, which is comfortable and compact, but when I bring my whole kit, I opt for the large-and-in-charge Bumblebee-220 PL.  Like I always say, it’s in the bag.

So, whether you’re shopping for a loved one, or doing some shopping for your camera-crazed self, I hope you enjoyed browsing these great gift ideas!  Happy shopping!

Juliana Broste  

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