Photography: An Expensive Hobby


Photography: An Expensive Hobby

I’m assuming that those who want to take up photography as a hobby can afford to buy a camera. If one wants to remain on the level of an ambitious hobby photographer and one has no need of professional accessories, this is not an issue. But what happens, if one wants to take photos on a more professional level and would like to buy a professional camera? Personally, I find professional cameras and lenses extremely expensive, and the high prices always worried me and posed a problem, but never an obstacle in pursuing photography as a career. Despite the high prices, how is it possible to get hold of this expensive equipment? How did I solve this problem? What did I do?

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My first camera was a Canon EOS 700D, a DSRL, which I bought for approx. 500 euro. This camera is not for professional purposes, but it serves well in the beginning and was a good camera with which I practiced and learned a lot. The camera came with the standard kit 18-55mm lens, which I was desperate to get rid of. Many people say that if one cannot invest a lot of money in both the camera housing and the lens, one is better off buying a good, expensive lens and a cheaper camera. The lens is more important than the housing. I have kept this in mind and therefore bought the 50mm 1.4 lens.



In the beginning I took photos with the Canon EOS 700D and the 50mm 1.4 lens and developed small photographic projects together with friends. This worked well and after a year I decided that I should take the next step and so I went and sold the old camera as a used camera online. I didn’t think it would be so easy. Many people contacted me and were interested in buying my used camera. I still had the packaging, the invoice, the charger, the instruction booklet, everything was there and the camera had no damage. So the buyer got a good deal. I then bought the full frame camera Canon EOS 6D, which I have used every since. I am very happy with its performance. Because the Canon EOS 6D is a professional camera, one can also start to earn money with photography, and slowly start to buy more lenses. And the advantage in this case is that if you do spend a lot of money on professional equipment, you can recoup the money you have spent by working as a photographer. It is therefore worth it.


Naturally, you can’t buy everything at once. One step at a time, and eventually you will be at a point where you have everything you need. Always start with small, first steps. Save your pocket money or make an exception and buy yourself a present for Christmas or your birthday. Birthdays and Christmas are perfect occasions for buying yourself an extra photographic gadget, like, e.g., a tripod from Manfrotto. At Christmas or for my birthday, I always give myself a present as a reward. It is always something that I have wanted for a long time and it reminds me that I deserve to have it. And so all this developed step by step, in the course of time.


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