Tips For Incredible iPhone Street Photography


Tips For Incredible iPhone Street Photography

In my previous articles I mentioned how there’s no need to have a super professional equipment to start with street photography. Often I find myself shooting with my mobile phone if there are the right conditions or if I’m just strolling around the city without my camera. And the results are not bad at all. So here I am talking to you about the possibilities that an iPhone or similar device can give you.

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If you want to tell a story you’ll be able to do it with any support, as many of the latest smartphones are provided with up-to-date and performing lens other than things like Burst Mode, that will
help you taking action shots of moving subjects. There’s in fact a high possibility of blurred images due to the fast movement of the subject, so your strategy must be this: anticipate the shot while
using burst mode. To activate it you just have to hold down the shutter button and your phone will take a series of shots. You can later choose the best photo from the sequence and decide which
one to use and publish on your channels or blog.

As you are shooting with your phone I suggest to edit the images using one of the many mobile apps out there, in few steps you can correct exposure and contrast, crop the image and even add
a filter.

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Another important thing to never miss the shot is to experiment with your phone moving around a location, trying out different angles, so when an interesting subject passes by you can capture
them with a perfect scenery surrounding them.

Of course close-ups work if you want to capture a detail, an hairdo or makeup but don’t forget to create a cool composition for entire-figure shots.

Find a cool spot surrounded by buildings: a good location is essential because it provides an interesting backdrop for your photo, and don’t forget to look for interesting objects in the foreground too: zebra crossings for example can be considered composition lines and add depth to the photo and draw the eye towards the main subject.

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Another thing that must be considered is when to shoot: different hours mean different traffic and light. I always prefer avoiding rush hours, all is confused and you can’t isolate your target.

Also, shooting when the sun is low in the sky, around sunrise or sunset, is often the best moment. They are called “golden hours” for the lovely warm glow this kind of light creates in your images.

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But if you want to try something more dramatic you can step out in harsh sunlight around the hours of midday. These kinds of photos often look great in black and white as this accentuates the
contrast between the light and shade.

Also, if you are an adventurer, you can challenge yourself in bad weather: snow, rain and fog add character and mystery to your photography helping you widen your portfolio.

Furthermore remember that street photography isn’t all about photographing people. You can experiment with buildings and architecture, nature, bridges, city skylines, this will make you even
more comfortable and your eye will be well-trained to seize the moment when the right shot arrives.

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MELANIE GALEA photographer, creative talent and fashion influencer based in Italy. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and visit her blog www.thestreetmuse.it.


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