Manfrotto Windsor Reporter


Manfrotto Windsor Reporter

It has been an exciting few weeks since I received my Manfrotto Windsor Reporter camera bag to review. My photography work has taken me on some interesting and unexpected journeys. I have been in a boat shooting sailing, in a hot air balloon while covering a community event, photographed a half marathon and taken fashion photos for the Beards & Bowties gentleman’s movement.



This was my second time in a boat and my first time in a hot balloon. These were two instances where I knew I could only take exactly what I needed. I packed up my Manfrotto Windsor Reporter and was on my way with my gear being safe and accessible.



This bag has turned into the perfect companion to carry my essential camera gear. My Manfrotto Windsor Reporter bag allows me to comfortably carry my equipment when I am on the go. It rests nicely on my shoulder whether it is being carried freely or slung across for added security. I can quickly unzip it to reach in for my camera or to change lenses.

The inner compartment is modular and lets me arrange my gear exactly how I want. I can easily fit my Canon 7D Mark II with a 24-70 mm lens, a 70-200 mm lens, a flash, extra batteries and other small accessories into it. This just happens to be my ideal kit and I can cover any event or photograph any subject with this combination of focal lengths.



The Manfrotto Windsor Reporter camera bag has a clean, sleek and stylish design that pays homage to the classic British heritage that inspires the line. Real leather adorns the bag and makes it as handsome as it is functional.

The dapper design of this bag gives it character. I love that this feels like more than a camera bag. It has a dual purpose in that I can keep a tablet or notebook computer in it alongside my camera and other personal belongings.







This is the most well made bag I have ever owned. The shoulder strap is very solid and similar to that of a seat belt’s material. It has leather stitched zipper pulls that are strong and secure.

One of my favorite features about the bag is that it is very light weight and does not add to the existing bulk of my gear. The two leather straps on the front of the bag are useful to secure my Manfrotto monopod or a small tripod.




At STYLOGRAPHY, Larissa Favier and I shoot fashion, lifestyle and portrait photography. We chose to highlight the Manfrotto Windsor Reporter bag in a lifestyle shoot with model Yordan Marin. The setting was one of the most historic cities in the United States, on the picturesque Main Street of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The city was founded all the way back in 1741, before the country gained independence from Great Britain. Much of that charm and character still remains in its cobblestone streets and mainstays like the Hotel Bethlehem and Moravian Bookstore among other boutiques and establishments.

Larissa styled Yordan in two separate looks with a seasonal feel to compliment the bag. For styling Larissa chose a relaxed but well dressed look. The personality of Bethlehem comes through in the photos while he travels the streets photographing the city.







This is definitely a bag I can use everyday and take everywhere with me. Just as we demonstrated in this shoot, it is ideal for street photography and a variety of other uses.

By Jeff Levy.

Our website is www.stylography.biz.

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